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Who's on Your
Wellness Care Team?

Wellness Beyond Work™ Disclaimer:  Through our initiative Wellness Beyond Work curated by Attemla Consulting, LLC we are dedicated to fostering your wellness journey with empathy and a deep respect for your autonomy, including the pivotal decision to pursue professional mental health care, medical care, as well as professional financial and legal consultation. Our offerings are thoughtfully curated to enhance—not substitute—the guidance provided by therapy, medical professionals, financial advisors, or legal experts.


We do not provide medical, mental health, financial, or legal advice. Our goal is to serve as a supportive resource, complementing your existing care plan with a focus on holistic well-being. If you find yourself in an urgent situation or require immediate help, (in the U.S.) please dial 988 for assistance. We celebrate your pursuit of balance and growth, encouraging you to make informed decisions that profoundly nurture your overall well-being.

Our Services

Through Wellness Beyond Workwe use a Wellness-Centered Community Care (WCCC) offering of services that elevate the well-being for organizations, and individuals irrespective of employment status, by integrating holistic support systems with sustainable quality-of-life practices for current and future generations.

Did you know?


Facts about Burnout 

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), individuals from historically marginalized communities are more likely to experience workplace burnout at alarming rates due to syndemic-related barriers. Source: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
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