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Wellness Beyond Work™ arises as a compassionate initiative designed to navigate the complexities of syndemic-related burnout, recession fatigue, workplace survivor syndrome, the mental health crisis, and COVID fatigue, set against the backdrop of a global crisis. This initiative is irrespective of employment status, offering insights and practices tailored to uphold cultural perpetuity (a term originated by the Blackfoot Nation and Dr. Cindy Blackstock) within a holistic wellness framework.

By facilitating enriching discussions and resource sharing, Wellness Beyond Work™ aims to foster a sense of solidarity and personal growth, without positioning itself as a substitute for medical advice or therapy. It's a beacon for those seeking to navigate these challenging times together, emphasizing the importance of maintaining cultural continuity as we collectively strive for a state of well-being that honors our diverse lived experiences and shared humanity.

Wellness Beyond Work™, created by Almetta Pitts, MSW, LICSWA (she/they), a Social Impact Entrepreneur and the Founder and Principal Consultant of Attemla Consulting, LLC, is a community-centric initiative dedicated to fostering holistic well-being and mutual aid support.


This innovative platform invites individuals to unite in overcoming life's challenges, from navigating burnout to cultivating meaningful connections, offering resources and spaces for both personal empowerment and collective resilience, ensuring wellness is a shared, accessible journey for all.

Almetta Pitts, MSW, LICSWA (she/they), is joined in this meaningful journey by a compassionate and phenomenally skilled consortium of Residential and Associate Consultants at Attemla Consulting, LLC.


This vibrant collective includes entrepreneurs, clinical social workers, public health officers, perinatal health and somatic impact therapists, environmental and social justice practitioners, youth development and business leadership practitioners, a civil rights attorney, social, health, and data scientists, a sociologist, and executive IT professionals.


Together, they create a dynamic and sacred space, honoring the unique contributions of each member, as they work collaboratively to nurture holistic well-being and empower communities through Wellness Beyond Work™.

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