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Reimagine Your Pathways to Wellness

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"Your Well-Being Deserves A SWAP™"


“Working with Attemla Consulting was great from beginning to end. Almetta worked to understand our company culture and the resources and time she spent with us was tailored and responsive to our needs. Every session we have had with Almetta has been enlightening and transformative. Being in community with Almetta has been a tremendous gift and Abt Associates appreciates Attemla Consulting sharing their brilliance with us!"

chloe greene, edi associatE  

abt associates

"We hired Attemla Consulting to help us build a more inclusive and anti-racist department. It was truly a healing experience – so much so that I recommended Attemla Consulting for another center in which I work. They have helped us sit with discomfort, understand the importance of radical self-care and breath, and have intergroup conversations to genuinely hear one another. This will be a lifelong lesson and a continuous journey to become more anti-racist. We are so grateful for Attemla Consulting!"

"Honored to have the amazing Almetta Pitts, M.S.W.  lead our third  (in-series) DEI and self-care workshop for our staff at After-School All-Stars Puget Sound. We discussed and learned more about gender, identity, sexual orientation, inclusive language, and toxic masculinity. So, proud of our team for being so open to learning and growing!" 

Ranna Daud

Founding Executive Director, Puget Sound 


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