The Cultural Shift 

Shift your narrative culturally: via race, equity & inclusion workshops that are culturally responsive, highly engaging, transformative, experiential learning based & body-centered.

The Cultural Shift allows universities, tech companies, non-profits, for-profits, school districts and many more organizations to explore the difficult conversations of "RACE, EQUITY and INCLUSION." 


Attemla  Consulting’s purpose of  collaborating with your community is to 

facilitate the exploration of  culturally responsive practices, spaces  and facilitating your team(s) with unapologetic empowerment to continue to develop culturally responsive policies, services and cultivating safe spaces. 


"When we do not feel safe to learn or grow. We will not learn and we will not grow. " - Almetta Pitts, M.S.W. 


"'Empathy' is not just an emotional buzzword-- it's a political necessity." -Susan Lanzoni, Ph.D

We acknowledge that our workshops are not for everyone. Our workshops are founded within culturally responsive evidence based practices, experiential learning and they are highly interactive.  


Sorry Not Sorry.  Our workshops are NOT "hum-drum" or filled with cliche-based rhetoric.

The goal of our workshops are to create a call for action via the exploration and implementation of decolonizing  practices, spaces and policies. 

Our most popular workshops include: 

"Interrupting the OUCH!: Exploring Microaggressions, Implicit Biases, Culturally Responsive Communication & Resilience (Three Part Series)." 

"The What is Beauty Project: Exploring Biased Algorithms" 

"Giving Ourselves Permission to Dismantle: Institutional Racism in Education & The School - to - Prison Pipeline (Three Part Series)."


Did You Know? 


"Black Students represent school arrests." - ACLU 



"Trans women of color (Black Trans Women) live within extreme poverty."


"The sons of black families from the top

1 percent had about the same chance of being incarcerated on a given day as the sons of white families earning $36,000."

-New York Times 

Favorite Reads 

Resmaa Menakem
Robin DiAngelo
algorithms of opp - noble
body not an apology