• Almetta Pitts, M.S.W.

Radical Self-Care: I Quit My Job!

Girrrrrrl! First and foremost, you had the audacity to leave your nearly six-figure salary to do what?!!! Yes, I am scaling up my consulting practice and it has been liberating to see my unapologetic growth!

Historical context: Living in South Korea from 2011-2015, helped me to understand that I was technically consulting as an international educator. This amazing and hella dope experience continues to enlarge my territory in so m any valuable ways.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that expanding my consulting practice allows me to continue to find the empowerment that I seek within diversity, equity and inclusion. In various, spaces of leadership I sometimes to most times, don't see myself (people of color within leadership roles). As a result, I recognize that I had to build my own table so, that I can not only tap into my radical self-care but, also, give permission to others to tap into their own radical self-care.

My consulting practice continues to scale up and scale out daily. Also, REAL talk, I am scaling up and out at about 75% as an Entrepreneur with 25% working a part-time gig a.k.a. my "bridge job." Yes, a "bridge job" is a job that is allowing me to financially take care of my main bills so, that I can bridge towards my current goal of being 100% sustainable as an entrepreneur. It's SO do-able and this goal is totally within my reach! Here are FOUR tips that continue to help me expand my consulting practice.

#4 - Finding a Licensed Mental Health Therapist to Support you LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!

I have a hella dope licensed therapist that I found via www.psychologytoday.com who continues to help me navigate my next best move. Most importantly, I do the hard work they (my therapist) provides a safe and sacred space for me to do this hard and authentically necessary work. Most importantly, therapy continues to help me rise above the impostor syndrome and any spaces that no longer serve me (or oppressive/limiting spaces that do not allow me to SHINE as my BEST SELF!)

#3 - Networking & finding a Business Coach

Furthermore, I found my hella dope FREE business coach through SCORE.ORG

#2 - Leveling UP with my SQUAAAAD!

I have some hella dope friends (my SQUAD) who also, happen to be fellow BAD ASS entrepreneurs. Special Shout out to (just to mention a few; this list is not an exhausted list): Haneen Ahmad, LICSW - www.haneenahmad.com/blog/ IG: haneen.licsw Alvena Willis, LMFT - https://bodybyalvena.com/ IG: bodybyalvena

Qunita Ellis, LMFT - www.alivingbalancetherapy.org IG:lachellemybell_ Diana Mena, LICSW, EMMHS, www.esperanzacc.com IG: vitamena

Maria McDonald www.mariamcdonaldyoga.com/insta IG: mariamcdonaldyoga

#1 - Tapping into my "Star Player" = ME

Practicing radical self-care via walking, dancing and taking care of me. Also, being in a space with being okay with the fact of not being okay (all the time). Especially, in the world of Entrepreneurship. There are ebbs and flows; bumpy roads yet, I am SO grateful to have the liberty to participate within my dreams. I stay in tune with my star player via the participation of "Mirror Work" and/or Speaking Affirmations upon my journey. For example, I love this amazing artist Zii Davis who has a hella dope album that is dedicated to affirmations. Check out my favorite track: "Belief" https://youtu.be/j4kzQ6dXnFQ

Thank y'all SO much for following my vlog/blog. Feel free to stay tuned to my upcoming blog/vlogs and happenings via www.attemlaconsulting.com

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