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Your Well-Being Deserves a SWAP!

Attemla Consulting, LLC is committed to integrating our proprietary Somatic Wellness & Anti-racist Practices™ (SWAP) methodology, a testament to our dedication to decolonizing systems thinking. This evidence-based approach intertwines embodied trauma-informed mindfulness with intersectional racial equity and dismantling anti-Black racism philosophies, seamlessly infusing them into your pathways to wellness.

Explore your pathways below.

**Disclaimer: The Pathways to Wellness and/or SWAP are educational experiences (they are NOT therapeutic interventions or sessions) and can be supported with a consult of your physician and/or your licensed mental health practitioner in matters relating to your health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Somatic Wellness & Anti-Racist Practices™️


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Collective Care Check-In (s)

Tired? Exhausted?

How are you and your team really doing 

throughout this syndemic

 Let's participate within a collective

wellness check-in. 


"Collective Care Will Save Us." 

- The Nap Ministry 

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Clinicians. Educators. Yogis. Healers. 

Race-based traumatic stress injury is REAL. 

Have you created a Racial Trauma Recovery Curriculum or Plan  for

your clients, students, and/or 

the community you serve? 

Let us support you and your team in exploring intersectional anti-racist philosophies for your practice, services, and/or lessons. 


Inhale. Exhale. Rest. 

"Rest  is a form of resistance because it disrupts and pushes back against capitalism and white supremacy." - The Nap Ministry 

Has your organization had a chance to rest to reimagine workplace wellness and strategic planning beyond characteristics of white supremacy culture? 

We facilitate decolonizing practices and strategic planning by reimagining your change management and organizational transformation.

Now let's get ready to...

"Inhale Courage"  "Exhale Fear" and REST! 


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Affinity Group Training + Installation

The purpose of an affinity group is to create a brave and transformative space foREST.  


Affinity groups are curated to discover intimately your relationship with your own identity and with like others to explore intersectional racial conditioning, implicit biases, aversion, characteristics of white supremacy culture, and urgency mindfully. 

- Adapted from Ruth King 


"The ZOLA Experience" 

Experiencing ambiguous loss during COVID-19?

Loss of a job? A loved one?

Are you an expat returning "home?"


The ZOLA Experience is designed as a brief intervention, seven (7) sessions. The sessions are most impactful in a group and/or an individual setting. Attemla Consulting, LLC (Almetta Pitts) is a certified "ZOLA Experience" Facilitator. 


What's Your Racial Justice Legacy?

Let's dismantle performative allyship and/or #wokewashing


Is your organization, company or institution ready to participate within moving a racial equity and anti-Blackness racism agenda for your

current staff and/or staff to come?


Discover the answer to this reflection as we curate a team retreat rooted within body-centered, intersectional anti-racist practices and philosophies. 


 Tough Conversations

Somatic Based Inter-Group Dialogue (SBID)  provides increased awareness of perspectives outside of one's own social identity group(s), a deeper understanding of power and privilege. 


Let's explore breath-centered and embodied ways in which your team can reimagine intersectional anti-racist practices within workplace wellness.

What's in your Leadership "Toybox?" 

Leaders have you and your leadership team discovered your racial equity and anti-Black racism investor's voice?


Our six-month program will support you exploring "toys" within your "toybox" focused upon intersectional anti-racism practices, dialogue, and embodied ways of becoming an inclusive leader and/or an inclusive leadership team.  


Rest. Reimagine. Repeat. 

Have you given yourself space and time to create intersectional anti-racist practices and philosophies around rest?

Let's connect to co-curate a space for you to reimagine your resting theoretical framework. 

**Disclaimer: The Individual (1:1) Exploration check-in is an educational experience (it is NOT a therapeutic intervention or session) and can be supported with a consult of your physician and/or your licensed mental health practitioner in matters relating to your health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

For Crisis Support Dial: 911 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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