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Our Way of Being 

We believe that your well-being deserves a SWAP

(Somatic Wellness & Anti-racist Practices)™. 

We believe in body-centered practices rooted in intersectional racial equity and anti-Black racism philosophies. 

Are you ready to

Inhale Courage. Exhale Fear. & Rest? 

Our Practice


As trauma survivors of a syndemic, characteristics of white supremacy culture, capitalism, and systemic oppression. Our bodies (especially, BILAM-BOC/QIBLAM -"BOC") tend to brace for traumatic impact.

We affirm:

Your well-being deserves a SWAP! 


Welcome to the educational experience and space to inhale courage,  exhale fear and rest. 

*BILAM - (Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Multiracial) 

*QIBLAM - (Queer Indigenous, Black, Brown, Latinx, Asian, Multiracial)

BOC  - (Resmaa Menakem coined term: 'Bodies of Culture")


In this very moment, may you find yourself grounding in the fact that you are here within the gift of the present: not yesterday, not tomorrow but, here in this moment of time.


Releasing your breath, only to inhale courage once more.


We affirm: 

Your well-being deserves a SWAP!  


May you exhale fear as you begin to redefine rest.



Within rest you can explore the space where you can give yourself permission to dismantle your comfort zone, it is your birthright. 

"Rest is  a form of resistance because it disrupts and pushes back against capitalism and white supremacy."

  -The Nap Ministry 

We affirm: 

Your well-being deserves a SWAP! 

May you be open to discovering resting practices and rituals. 

Contact Us

522 W Riverside Ave

Suite # 4232

Spokane, WA 99201



Inhale Courage. 

Exhale Fear. 


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Feel free to share our information with your organizations and/or community. 

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