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Ever wondered what the
grind culture mirrors
back to you?

Grind Culture

Imagine a space where your  lived experiences are honored – irrespective of your employment status, but as a whole person.


That's what we do via  Wellness Beyond Work™.


Drawing inspiration from Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop's framework: "Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors" and Resmaa Menakem's "When Trauma is Decontextualized" an ever-evolving antidote was curated focused on holistic and value-centered well-being.


What if your engagement with professional and community spaces could reveal more than just your professional identity, regardless of your employment status or location?


Here, we delve into holistic well-being, addressing burnout and syndemic related recession fatigue, and workplace survivor syndrome, allowing you to reimagine a quality of life beyond the grind-culture.


Are you aware of how unrecognized trauma shapes cultures and behaviors across professional and community settings, irrespective of employment status?


Our practices help you discern and grow, integrating lived experiences and generational awareness into the fabric of reimagining your quality of life.


What if engaging with your professional or community space, regardless of your employment status or location, signaled entering a realm of mutual aid and belonging?

We're redefining the connection to work and community environments, creating spaces where personal to collective growth and innovation coexist.

Mirrors, Windows, & Doors

Ever-Evolving Grind Culture Antidote

Mirror Portrait
Seaview Window
Image by Matt Flores

Learn more via our Wellness GPT

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