The Professional Shift 

Shift your narrative professionally: via Trusted Advising within inclusive and culturally responsive organizational change,  unapologetic self-care, career transition, international expatriate & repatriation support. 

The Professional Shift allows individuals, communities, and organizations to explore difficult conversations of EQUITY, INCLUSION,  and UNAPOLOGETIC SELF-CARE. 

Here's your opportunity to give yourself permission to be unapologetically your BEST self. 

Attemla  Consulting’s purpose of  collaborating with you and/or your team

 is to facilitate the exploration of  culturally responsive self-care practices and/or peer coaching opportunities.  We facilitate unapologetic empowerment to continue to develop culturally responsive self-care practices and/or team retreats. 

CHEERS!, to interrupting shame, guilt and celebrating  your next LIBERATING and STRATEGIC transition


If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” -Zora Neale Hurston

"'Empathy' is not just an emotional buzzword-- it's a political necessity." -Susan Lanzoni, Ph.D

We acknowledge that our  1:1 sessions, retreats and/or workshops are not for everyone. Our services are founded within culturally responsive evidence based practices, experiential learning and they are highly interactive.  


Sorry Not Sorry.  Our  services are NOT "hum-drum" or filled with cliche-based rhetoric.

The goal of our services are to create a call for action via the exploration and implementation of decolonizing  self-care practices (body positivity), spaces and policies. 

Our most popular workshops and/or 1:1 sessions include: 

"Peer Coaching Sessions - 30 minute and 60 minutes" 

"1:1 Sessions and/or Group Educational  Sessions:

Expatriate to Repatriate Educational Services" 

Team Retreats for organizations - "Do you even self-care?"


Did You Know? 


"Americans spend a whopping $143,280 over their lifetime to treat themselves, but are more likely to feel guilty about buying material goods than experiences, a new study finds."  -Market Watch


"Good employees are 54 percent more likely to quit when they work with a toxic employee, if the proportion of toxic employees on their team grows by as little as one on a team of 20."

-CMS Wire 


"American workers forfeited nearly 50 percent of their paid vacation in 2017. And, nearly 10 percent take no vacation days at all. According to a study by Glassdoor, the fear of falling behind is the number one reason people aren’t using their vacation time." - Forbes 

Favorite Reads 

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